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Our Species & Technology at a Crossroads

Jim Gibson

Author | Tip of the Spear
Co-Founder | Rainforest Alberta

Veteran Entrepreneur, Active Innovation Leader and Author Jim Gibson to Keynote at #PROPEL2018

Calgary-based entrepreneur Jim Gibson is an active leader in the Alberta innovation ecosystem. With 30 years of experience at the forefront of technology and change, Jim is a passionate advocate for “paying attention” to what’s coming and providing concrete examples of how we can all be leaders and role models for change. His talk will take themes from his forthcoming book, Tip of the Spear, and challenge the #PROPEL2018 audience to understand and respond to a new world that sees infinite possibilities meeting serious global problems head on.

Jim has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University, a B.Comm from the University of Toronto, and holds his Certified Management Consulting Designation. Jim lives in Calgary, Canada with his family, and travels the world sharing his experience, business acumen, and start-up wisdom.

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Tip of the Spear

Passionate, experienced, and an infinitely curious entrepreneur, Gibson shares his cautionary tale of innovation and disruption in a human world. Tip of the Spear is the product of his life’s work – spanning over 30 years at the forefront of technology and change. Tip of the Spear is a comprehensive study of the state of technology and its impact in the near term on the fate of our species. The three Laws of Disruption are at the center of the story which recognizes that:

  • The slope of the technology curve is dramatically increasing;
  • The technology genies never go back into the bottle; and
  • Our linear systems of organization are not prepared.

It takes a look into the future through the eyes of two thirteen-year-old girls from very different parts of the world. And concludes with a message of hope that is focused on creating a new social contract with those around us and a new definition of innovation that speaks more to Innovation of Ways than to Innovation of Things.

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Tip of the Spear is a comprehensive study of the state of technology and its impact in the near term on the fate of our species – Pre-Purchase online now

Closing the Energy Innovation Gap

Jean-Michel Gires

Former President & CEO | Total E&P Canada
CEO | NextTier Energy Solutions

Oil Patch Exec turned Innovation Leader, Jean-Michel Gires Keynotes #PROPEL2018

With over 25 years of experience in the energy, mining, heavy oil, and sustainable development industries – innovation has always been top of mind for Jean-Michel Gires. Best known as the man who led Total E&P into the oil sands, this O&G executive is now in the business of breakthrough innovation, investing in new technologies that aim to radically disrupt the energy sector. A born leader, Jean-Michel is set to change the way we think about the innovation economy.

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Over two decades, he’s been a sustainability leader around the world and was instrumental in creating best practices for Total’s projects, specifically in the area of environmental responsibility. Gires was also named a Chevalier of the Legion d’ Honneur, in 2003, one of France’s highest civilian honours.

In 2009, Jean-Michel Gires launched the Total Ecosolutions label as his strategic vision to further support Venture Capitalism. The program offers customers ecologically efficient solutions, to help better control their environmental impact by consuming less and consuming better. At the end of 2016, over 90 products and services had received the “Total Ecosolutions” label and the sales helped save 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 over the product life-cycles.

This former co-chairman of the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI) and former founding member of the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) stepped down from CEO at Total E&P to pursue a long standing passion for Energy Innovation.

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Titans of Technology Talk Clean Hydrocarbons

Clean Hydrocarbons: A Great Idea or the New Business Model?

Join us at #PROPEL2017 as these O&G heavyweights discuss their respective company mandates for adopting and developing clean hydrocarbon technologies. The global market for a cleaner hydrocarbon is ever growing. These companies are tasked with minimizing energy inputs to maximize output, in a low carbon economy. The answers lie in tech-driven innovation.

Hear it straight from these Titans of Technology as they share their new solutions, creative methods, and tangible approaches to clean hydrocarbons.

Jeff Jones

Reporter, Business Report

Suzanne West

President & CEO

Tom Corscadden

Vice-President for Marketing, Engineering and Operations

Judy Fairburn

Executive Vice-President
Business Innovation


The Digital Revolution is Happening - Business needs to embrace it or risk being left behind

Elyse Allan

President & CEO

In her role as President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Canada and Vice President GE, Elyse is a passionate champion for Canada’s competitiveness, advancing the country’s science and technology base and competitive fiscal policy.

She actively engages in developing and shaping public policy through industry groups, research and advocacy organizations. Elyse serves on the Board of Directors for the C.D. Howe Institute and the Conference Board of Canada. As well, she recently completed her Board term at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where she also served as Chair. Elyse has participated on a number of federal and provincial government advisory boards focused on Canada’s competitiveness, energy strategy, economic development, transportation strategy and access to credit.

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How Would Google Drill

Atanu Basu

Founder & CEO

Atanu has 20 years of experience in software and high-tech industries. His entire career has been focused on conceptualizing, developing, selling and deploying emerging technologies. He holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering.

Ayata (which means “future” in Sanskrit) invented and refined the technology for Prescriptive Analytics over a decade of R&D. Ayata’s software ingests all types of data – Videos, Images, Sounds, Text and Numbers – to Predict what’s ahead and Prescribe how to improve this predicted future, without disrupting other priorities.

Future of the Fields: The digital transformation is now more crucial than ever

Brad Bechtold

National Director Oil & Gas Transformation

As Director of Cisco Canada’s Oil and Gas vertical business, Brad Bechtold is responsible for developing and leading Cisco’s go-to-market strategy for Energy. In this role Brad is working with industry partners, educational institutions, and Oil and Gas organizations to align Cisco’s technology solutions to the critical challenges facing the industry today. With more than 25 years in Oil and Gas, Brad brings industry relevant knowledge to Cisco Canada’s Industry Transformation Team.

Brad currently sits on several technology boards and is a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Prior to joining Cisco, Brad spent 18 years with Halliburton, a global leader in the Energy Services Sector. During his tenure with Halliburton, Brad spent the past 13 years in a global capacity. As Director for Halliburton’s GeoGraphix product line, Brad was responsible for Global Operations, R&D and Sales and Marketing.

The Evolution of the American Shale Plays: Where we are and how we got there

Richard Stoneburner

Managing Director

Richard Stoneburner is currently a Managing Director for Pine Brook Partners, a private equity firm focusing on investments in the energy sector.  Richard has over 35 years’ experience in upstream oil and gas exploration and production. Mr. Stoneburner is a former co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Petrohawk Energy Corporation (2009-2011) and President – North America Shale Production Division for BHP Billiton Petroleum from 2011-2012.