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Presenting Companies are selected by our Industry Advisory Board and participate in the showcase within one of the three technology streams. These streams are considered the focus areas for PROPEL as they relate to technology innovation, and the energy industry as a whole.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Best Presenting Company Awards!


Early Stage Startup Spotlight

This inaugural Startup Spotlight showcase gives the hottest Early Stage companies an opportunity to present in front of the entire PROPEL audience for the very first time


This stream presents a wide range of digital applications that could be applied to any stage on the energy industry. Typical technologies include Automation, IoT/IIoT, software, imaging, big data, communication technology, cyber security, and more.


This stream broadly encompasses new innovations within Advanced Materials, Chemistry, and Nanotechnology, with applications across the energy industry. Making key considerations for technologies that provide Carbon Capture & Conversion, or provide more sustainable metrics around Waste, Water, and GHG’s.


This stream focuses on technologies that improve the economics, safety, and/or sustainability of extraction and recovery, upgrading and refinement, transportation and pipelines, etc.

Carbon Utilization

Given the growing potency of the low-carbon economy, this exclusive Carbon Utilization Stream provides a unique opportunity to showcase how years of hard work, from a selection of the top Carbon XPRIZE companies, is transforming a key problem into lucrative solutions.

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Past PROPEL Forum Presenting Companies are welcomed back to join the Alumni showcase. Alumni Companies are selected based on demonstrated growth and hitting key milestones since their first presentation at PROPEL within any of the above focus areas.

PAST Presenting Companies