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The PROPEL 2020 program of events is shaping up quickly with presenting company announcements coming shortly…

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Meet the Investors: A Reverse Pitch Session

Looking to fuel the momentum of your venture? These investors have the knowledge and capital to propel your business to the next level, and they want you to know why their firm is best for you! Listen in as this diverse group of bold capital providers offer their quick pitch to you, the entrepreneurs, on why your venture should be looking to secure the investment, partnership, and/or expertise they have to offer! Plus, find what types of investments they are looking for at the 2020 PROPEL Energy Tech Forum.

Structured Networking Break: Investor Hosted Speed Dating

Presenting Company Showcase

Startup Spotlight Stream

The Startup Spotlight showcase gives the hottest Early Stage companies an opportunity to present in front of the entire PROPEL audience for the very first time!

Tech Talk Speakers - Speaker Announcements Coming Soon!

Through a series of mini-talks, join us as we hear from a diverse group of experts from across the energy industry! These thought leaders will share insights from technology deployments and new innovative opportunities as they relate to the energy sector as a whole. Delve into the minds of industry experts as they unveil the ground-breaking technology shifts that are taking place and discover how advancements are already separating the winners from the losers.

Presenting Company Showcase

Digital Oilfield Stream

Bring on the game-changers! High potential Digital Oilfield technologies are showcased, along with their plans to deliver stunning ROI for adopters and generate lucrative returns for investors. This stream offers a wide range of digital applications that could be applied at any phase of the energy industry. Typical technologies include automation, IoT/IIoT, software, imaging, big data, communication technology, cybersecurity, and more.

Panel Session: "Building Succesful Innovation Labs"

This panel entails a healthy discussion around innovation labs’ positive disruption in companies. Panel members experienced with implementing innovation labs will share insights around what has worked for some and failed for others, and explore why. These experts will discuss and debate where innovation can be enabled, from internal to disrupted and from strategic to practical.

Investors Deal Lounge

Presenting Company Showcase

Resource Recovery & Management Stream

High potential Resource Recovery and Management technologies are presented in this showcase. This stream focuses on technologies that improve the economics, safety, and/or sustainability of extraction and recovery, upgrading and refinement, transportation and pipelines, etc.

The Official PROPEL Networking Reception

Join us in the Oak Room for cocktails, canapes, and reflections on the first day of presentations.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fireside Chat: Titans of Tech Innovation

These O&G heavyweights discuss their respective experiences from assessing and adopting, to developing and deploying innovative technologies. These Titans of Corporate Innovation are tasked with minimizing energy inputs to maximize output, as low-cost operators in a low-carbon economy. The answers lie in tech-driven innovation. Hear it straight from these Titans of Technology as they share their new solutions, creative methods, and tangible approaches to building the energy industry of the future. 

Fireside Chat: Developing Customer & Market Traction

“So you have a great technology that solves a critical problem. And you have an amazing team ready to perform. But tell me more about your market and customer traction?”

Have you heard this question from a potential investor or partner and realized you weren’t sure how to respond? Or maybe it was a “build it and they will come” approach? Don’t leave it to chance – hear from the experts on how your company can build the right plan, and connect with the right customers at the right time.

Presenting Company Showcase

Environmental Stewardship & Advanced Materials Stream

This stream showcases Environmental Stewardship and Advanced Materials technologies, along with their plans to deliver stunning ROI for adopters and generate lucrative returns for investors. This stream broadly encompasses new innovations within Advanced Materials, Chemistry, and/or Nanotechnology, with applications across the energy industry. Key interest areas include technologies that focus on carbon capture and conversion or provide more sustainable metrics around waste, water, and GHG’s.

Presenting Company Showcase

Alumni Update Stream

Past PROPEL Forum Presenting Companies are welcomed back to join the Alumni showcase. Alumni Companies are selected based on demonstrated growth and hitting key milestones since their first presentation at PROPEL within any of the forum’s core technology streams. Listen is as they share the progress they have made and what opportunities still lie ahead.

Keynote Panel Session: Breaking Down the Exit

This panel provides an investment banking perspective on current trends and M&A activity. The session is followed up by a breakdown and in-depth discussion of a recent exit story in the energy tech space.